Abrome is a play on the term Borromean rings which are most commonly depicted as three interlocking rings; however, no two rings are interlocked. Borromean rings therefore form the simplest example of a Brunnian link.      

Borromean rings serve as a simple reminder of the beauty of how Learners can take their interests and turn them into deep learning experiences that enrich their lives.

As Learners engage with the world around them, purposefully investigating issues or topics that are relevant to their interests and needs, they will be able to find connections that lead to a deeper appreciation and understanding of their world, and be encouraged to continue to seek out new learning experiences that will benefit their lives. These benefits may come in many forms, and are not restricted to just academic and career success, although they will likely include them.

Likewise, Abrome is not focused solely on academic success. We believe that emotional and social growth are essential to creating a wonderful life. Abrome seeks to help ensure that Learners incorporate both of these elements into their lives in order to create a fuller life that cannot easily be pulled apart.

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  1. Glad I that Siri knew the reason I was asking her what Abrome meant was because Beth & I wanted to know how it applied to learning. Thanks for this great article, Antonio! And, nice work on your SEO 🙂
    Happy learning!
    Emily Q

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