Leading a remarkable life is hard work. However, leading an unremarkable life is also hard work.

We live in a society where we convince young people that they must play the hyper-competitive game of schooling and extracurriculars in order to one day get into top colleges, so they can play the game again in college in order to one day get a high stress, high paying job (often with an additional stressful stop at graduate school). If young people do not excel at this game, they are often deemed failures and we assume they will be forced to struggle for the rest of their lives as they try to catch up. Neither option seems terribly exciting or remarkable, but both will require a lot of hard work.

Abrome wants to help young people lead remarkable lives, today. In doing so, they will be able to create futures for themselves that are most remarkable, wherein they will still work hard, but they will do so on their terms leading lives they love.

However, each week we speak with skeptical families who want to know how we can confidently assure them that their children can gain admission into private universities such as Harvard or Stanford, or flagship public universities such as Cal-Berkeley or UT-Austin. After we explain to them that getting into those schools is easy if their children are able to lead remarkable lives (while also being able to demonstrate academic competency), they oftentimes choose to allow their children to continue on their current paths that will lead them away from admission into their top choice colleges, and more distressingly, toward unremarkable lives.

Many of these families fail to understand how much time and effort must be invested in order to lead a remarkable life. It’s not a matter of allocating two hours a week to doing something remarkable. When we have the opportunity to work with young people while they are still in middle school, we are able to help our clients dive deep into learning experiences that consume them and that span years. Through those long-term learning experiences, our clients are able to document their remarkable lives allowing them to get into their dream college, or start a company, or start a social movement, etc.

If you are thinking of using Abrome in the future, we urge you to consider calling us today to discuss how we can help your children lead remarkable lives, today. (989) 31-ADMIT.