Disgustingly, the State of Texas is using police state power to threaten and endanger the lives and welfare of trans kids and their families. For a state that regularly uses violence against children by way of the police in their own neighborhoods, at the border, and in schools, it is the height of hypocrisy that they are defining gender affirming care as “child abuse” as a cover to direct actual violence against parents who dare to support their trans kids. The state is also threatening all those who work with kids, demanding that they report to the state any child receiving gender affirming care, or those providing it.

Trans kids need to be protected.

All doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals, teachers, and childcare providers need to publicly assert that they will never comply with these anti-trans, anti-child, anti-humanity dictates. There is an ethical imperative to not contribute to the violence toward trans youth.

We will never comply with such hateful, harmful, authoritarian demands from the state.