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We have a six-step admissions process. The first five steps are required before we will make a decision.

1. Questionnaire: Review our website to see if Abrome might be a good fit for you and your family. If you are not drawn to the Abrome model, then emancipated learning probably is not for you. If you are drawn to it, immediately fill out the candidate questionnaire in advance of an open house.

2. Introduction: The candidate and at least one guardian must RSVP and attend one of our monthly information sessions, at which time you will also be able to ask any outstanding questions you may have. For families on an accelerated timeline who are looking to enroll immediately, we will consider a private meeting in lieu of the open house.  

3. Interview: We require candidates 8-years-old or older to participate in a personal interview so that we can gauge their understanding of our Emancipated Learning model and their level of interest for inclusion in our community. This interview will take place outside of the presence of a parent or guardian.

4. Shadow: If candidates, their families, and Abrome believe that it makes sense to move forward after the introduction and interview, the prospective candidates will be invited to shadow various Learners over a five-day span. The purpose of the shadowing is for candidates familiarize themselves with the learning space and the other Learners, for them to decide if it is a place where they could flourish, and for us to determine whether the candidates would be a good fit for Abrome. 

5. Application: After shadowing, candidates and their families are required to fill out the Abrome application. If the applicant is under the age of 12, we may require another meeting to complete the application verbally. We will provide you with instructions on how to pay the $100 application fee. Abrome will then make an admissions decision.

6. Decision: If the applicant is offered a place at Abrome, the applicant and guardian(s) have ten days to execute a signed enrollment contract, and submit the non-refundable annual enrollment fee, new student fee, and education resource fee.