Sliding Scale Tuition

Abrome’s sliding scale tuition policy allows us to pursue our commitment to diversity, particularly economic, racial, and cultural diversity. At Abrome, there are no "full-pay" families that have higher standing than "financial aid" or "scholarship" families. Every family instead pays equitably, according to their financial resources. Abrome families recognize the immense value of diversity in an Emancipated Learning environment.  

Tuition ranges from $600–16,200 per year, ($50-1,350 per month) based on family financial resources. In order to determine tuition, families submit a confidential family financial worksheet during the application process, and annually thereafter.* Families may choose not to submit financial information by signing the waiver at the end of the worksheet. By signing the waiver, families indicate that they will pay the maximum annual tuition. The worksheet incorporates a graduated discount for siblings based on family financial resources. Click the button below to access the family financial worksheet.

We will credit families up to $2,000 per accepted applicant to offset any non-refundable deposits they have submitted at other schools.  


Tuition is based on a 12-month, 210-day academic year (pro-rated if enrolled after October 15th). Upon acceptance into Abrome, families must pay a one-time non-refundable $500 new student fee per Learner, a non-refundable $400 annual education resource fee (pro-rated if enrolled after January 1st) per Learner, and a non-refundable annual $1,000 enrollment fee (pro-rated if enrolled after January 1st) per Learner to reserve his or her place at Abrome. For families with considerable financial hardship, these fees may be reduced or paid out in installments.

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Abrome is fully funded by tuition and fees. The relevant prices listed above are the full cost of attendance; we will never ask parents to fundraise on behalf of the Abrome or sell anything to support Abrome.