Good morning, I just wanted to share something with you...

[Learner] - what time is our appointment?
Me- 9:15am
[Learner] - How Long is it?
Me- maybe a hour
[Learner] - I hope it’s quick, I want to get to Abrome!!

As a mother who has spent many days battling to get the kids to go to school and the countless emotional meltdowns, to hear her say those words was everything.

Thank you for providing a safe, loving and welcoming environment for my children. I am so grateful.
— Parent of a 9-year-old Learner
Last night I commented to [my son] after he showered that he his hair was going to be crazy in the morning if he went to bed with it yet. He replied, it doesn’t matter. At Abrome you’re still accepted even if your hair won’t stay down.

I’m so grateful! [He] is always so worried about being judged. Glad to see him having some peace with himself.
— Parent of a 14-year-old Learner
We feel free in the Abrome space.
— 13-year-old Learner
Ugh, tomorrow’s Saturday!?!?
— 6-year-old Learner when he realized he could not come back to Abrome until Monday
What you are creating at Abrome is so special for these children and we see that you are a voice for the children and you also had an effect on us.

You are a true inspiration, Antonio, and we can already see how Abrome is growing and will continue to provide immense value to these children. We will always recommend Abrome to families in the Austin area and we thank you for introducing us to the self-directed educational world, which has greatly enabled us to make the best decisions we can for [our son] as we move our family for our new opportunities.
— Parent of a 6-year-old Learner as they prepared to move to another state for mom's graduate school
My son’s experience with Abrome has been life-changing. At first, he and I were not too sure how a homeschooling experience with an on-line mentor would work. [He] definitely liked his one-on-one time with each mentor but he felt a bit at a loss as to what was expected of him. His Learning Coach’s (LC) gentle patience, superb listening skills and genuine interest in my son’s life experiences each week seem to have increased [his] sense of how his actions and interests – no matter what they are (video games aside) – are important to pursue. As the weeks have progressed, [he] has come around to viewing his activities and interests as being more on a continuum; he seems to have embraced the perspective that they are part of his journey and not just a simple means to an end for the idle moments of each passing day.

Antonio’s tireless support of my son’s interests – whether that be of Lego weapons, baseball camp or of video production – is wonderful. The LC’s life experiences have led him to make helpful suggestions of directions to take [his] interests, which is very inspiring for him. So far, my son’s experience with Abrome has taught him AND me to have faith that my child’s innate curiosity is the spark that will guide him to learn more in a way that feeds his interests, and enable him to know that he has the powerto pursue knowledge for himself.
— Parent of an 11-year-old Learner
We truly appreciate you! Thank you for freeing us from the school regime.
— Parents of a 10-year-old Learner
I support emancipated learning because the learners learn how to live, not how to memorize, which is what is taught in all other education models along with shaming and bullying.

How do I measure the success? not by grades which only reflect the ability of a person to memorize and enhance the shaming and bullying prevelant elsewhere, but by the little things that happen every day.
— Parent of a 12-year-old Learner
I just wanted to say to you that I am eternally grateful, in the true sense of the word, for everything you have done to try and help me find success. You really proved to me, over the past three days in particular, that you don’t just say the things you say to encourage me, but you are willing to do everything to help me get there. I really don’t think there is anyone out there who has felt this optimistic, been this encouraging, shown such concern, and cared as unconditionally as you have towards me. Imagine what the world would be like if everyone had someone like you investing in their lives. … It’s amazing how much we put together in one and a half days. I was going over my application again this morning. I wouldn’t say I was disappointed, because I really have had no expectations since we said we were going to make this happen on Sunday morning, but I agree that my application could have been better, my story could been more interesting. Yet at the same time, I am glad I did it. I really have nothing to lose, putting in an application at this point and regardless of the outcome, I have realized that its important to take chances.
— Accepted at Stanford
Thank you for all your work on my applications, I don’t think I would have been able to position/present myself well enough for Duke without your guidance and all the consideration you gave to my situation as well as support.
— Accepted at Cornell, Duke, Emory, Johns Hopkins, North Carolina, and Texas
Congrats. How do you do it? You’re awesome. You need to start a consulting service.
— Accepted at Stanford
[Abrome] has showed us that we can laugh, have fun, and learn at the same time.
— 8-year-old Learner
I applied to Harvard Business School twice. The first time I applied I took some of Antonio’s advice, but discarded other bits of advice. During the process Antonio warned me that the application is more than just a sum of the parts, and that I was making a mistake by not buying into his process 100%. I didn’t get in that year. Two years later I applied again, but this time I decided to buy into Antonio’s process. Antonio was magnificent. Antonio worked tirelessly , providing numerous edits of each essay which resulted in me telling my personal story in a moving way that made my application more than just a collection of stories. He helped me to make sure that my resume and recommendations fit in to an overall theme for my HBS application. Antonio is brutally honest and demanding, he has amazing insights, and he delivers. Best consultant in the world!
— Accepted at Harvard
Who says you can’t get into Harvard or Stanford with a 2.7 GPA? We did it!
— Accepted at Harvard and Stanford
[Abrome] has opened up opportunities for us to do activities we would never have been able to do in traditional school.
— 13-year-old Learner
I wanted to thank you very much for all your help with my college applications and essays. All the hard work payed off, I just heard yesterday that I got into my top choice, Babson College. I also got into all the universities that I heard from so far, Syracuse University, Loyola Marymount University, and University of San Francisco
— Accepted at Babson, Syracuse, Loyola Marymount, and University of San Francisco
Antonio was one of the biggest factors in helping me get into my dream MBA program. Specifically, he helped me with the three essays I had to write for my application. But if I just say “help” then I’m understating his impact, because I firmly believe that I would not have gotten accepted without his editing. I lost count of how many drafts I went through, but Antonio patiently worked with me over several weeks to bring out my best work. If you want the best advice and are willing to take constructive criticism, Antonio will be an invaluable resource for getting into YOUR dream program.
— Accepted at Duke
Antonio was great with providing constructive feedback for my statement of purpose. Antonio’s feedback was aimed at crafting a statement of purpose that is clear, concise and effective at communicating goals. He has a very good grasp of college admissions and accordingly gives advice to place the student at the top of list of potential candidates. He was also very timely with his responses and feedback. He was willing to set up time and work one-on-one to explain his feedback and to assist with any following drafts. Overall, he is very committed to make sure that you get in!
— Accepted at University of Texas at Austin
[Abrome] helps us advocate for ourselves and our learning so we can be happy and successful in the world.
— 13-year-old Learner
I got in! Thanks for all your help.
— Accepted at NYU
[Abrome] has taught us to think BIG and believe in ourselves.
— 10-year-old Learner
Antonio provided super timely expert advise and feedback to me during the intense period of applying for graduate school. He is a no-BS advisor, and gave me sometimes harsh and pointed feedback on my applications to the world’s top business schools. And it was worth it when I was accepted at my top pick – MIT Sloan. I know this would have been much more difficult without Antonio helping me shape my thoughts and experience into the best shape they could be.
— Accepted at MIT and Harvard
I stand as one name on the long list of people who greatly benefited from Antonio’s vast understanding of premier MBA programs’ admissions processes. Antonio was brutally critical of how my candidacy packet was presented, making sure that I was putting my absolute best effort forward in my application. He made sure every word of my essays were value-added, gave me tremendous insight of the interviewing process, and helped me to understand what my true strengths were and how to present them to the admissions board. While his critiques resulted in numerous scrapped essay topics, and countless drafts of others, I am certain that, without his assistance, I would have never reached the interview stage, much less be accepted at what is now my alma mater. He will not write the essays, but he’ll quickly and accurately assess what your experiences are and give you tremendous insight on how those experiences can reflect one’s value to certain programs and help you to effectively communicate it. The value of Antonio’s assistance is clearly evident in the admissions rate to top MBA programs of the people he has helped.
— Accepted at Harvard
Thank you so much for your help! I am so very lucky to benefit and learn from your expertise. You’re an amazing person and I’m so glad I got to know you!
— Accepted at University of Texas at Austin
Antonio is a West Point grad and was accepted into all the top programs. He helped me obtain my admissions to Wharton. Crafting your app is more of an art than a science - telling a compelling story and convincing the [admissions] committee that they’ll benefit from having you in their program as much as you’ll benefit from graduating from theirs. My point is: Antonio helped me do this successfully.
— Accepted at Wharton (Penn)
Hey Antonio, I just wanted to tell you that I got into McCombs and I’ll be attending Texas next fall. I know I was not pleasant to work with but I really do appreciate the help and patience, I learned a lot. Good luck with abrome and peaceful streets (and all of your other endeavors), I’ll be watching for you on the news lol.
— Accepted at University of Texas at Austin (McCombs School of Business)
Antonio is a superb business school consultant and is the reason I was accepted to 2 top tier schools. While in the military together, Antonio showed the value of an MBA and how to properly position my skill set. He tirelessly reviewed essays, resumes, and other parts of my applications and provide specific guidance, thoughts, and recommendations on all aspects. Antonio is a good friend of mine and without his direct guidance I would not have gained admission. I have no doubt that he is the reason I got accepted to HBS and Wharton. I cannot say enough about his clear grasp of candidate positioning and his thoughtful, yet very concise feedback. Overall, Antonio is a phenomenal admissions consultant!
— Accepted at Harvard and Wharton (Penn)