Learning Community

The Abrome learning community is comprised of intellectually curious Learners, committed Learning Coaches, and a personal network that is standing by ready to lend their support.


Abrome is a community where Learners of varied ages, backgrounds, learning differences, and interests come together to construct and navigate their unique learning pathways. Because the Abrome learning community is filled with self-directed, interest-led Learners who are not constrained by curricula or academic domains, there are endless opportunities for Learners to co-learn and collaborate with other Learners who have similar or tangential interests. Learners concern themselves with the well-being and success of their peers, and may find themselves serving as mentors, teachers, confidants, and friends of other Learners.  Additionally, the wide variety of interests among Abrome Learners provide ample opportunities for Learners to be introduced to ideas, issues, and topics they may not have otherwise been made aware of.

Learning Coaches

Learning Coaches (“LC”) are not teachers; they are consultants, guides, mentors, cheerleaders and confidants. LCs help Learners identify and articulate their own needs, goals, and interests, and then they help Learners identify their own learning pathways (with sub-tasks) to meet or satisfy those needs, goals, and interests. LCs also have the responsibility of creating a culture of literacy and numeracy, and helping Learners decide for themselves how to incorporate literacy and numeracy into their learning pathways; however, Learners always have the final say on what they will spend their time on.

An Abrome Learning Coach is also a Learner. Every LC at Abrome articulates their own goals and objectives to the Abrome team, and creates their own learning pathways. LCs live their lives as we hope Abrome Learners will, and they treat Learners as peers, not subordinates. LCs at Abrome are accomplished in ways that benefit the community. Those accomplishments may be academic, artistic, athletic, entrepreneurial, professional or manifest themselves in some other form. When not working with Learners or helping out others on the Abrome team, an LC is likely to be reading a book, engaging in the arts, trying to figure out how to make something (or fix something they broke), working out, volunteering to help others, traveling the globe, or taking time to connect with friends and family. LCs live full and enriching lives, they seek out learning opportunities and they contribute to their communities. LCs are Learners.


The Abrome learning community consists of more than just Learners and Learning Coaches. Abrome Learners pull people from their environment into their learning community. These people will likely include friends and family members, especially parents and siblings. Business owners, laborers, doctors, scientists, farmers, artists, etc, as well as the elderly and the very young, are able to contribute significantly to the learning experience. Abrome Learners lean on their learning community to assist them in constructing and navigating their unique learning pathways.


Abrome Learners also recognize that their physical environment is as formative to their experience as are Abrome Learners, Learning Coaches, and others in their learning community. Abrome is a psychologically safe space where young people are able to remain vulnerable and free to make mistakes as they pursue their learning objectives. Abrome is a refuge from a sometimes challenging world. Abrome is a place to recharge and reorient oneself for the next challenge.

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