• Serve as a facilitator, consultant, guide, mentor, cheerleader, and confidant to all Learners

  • Promote a culture of numeracy, literacy, and dialectical inquiry

  • Be a paragon of positivity; never embarrass, insult, yell at, or shame a Learner

  • Always arrive fully prepared, on-time, and eager to support Learners

  • Document the growth and learning experiences of Learners for internal purposes

  • Participate in brainstorming sessions, learning center improvements, and research efforts

  • Attend promotional events and participate in the admissions and recruiting processes

  • Be responsive to the questions and needs of Abrome Learners and their families

  • Regularly write articles, blog posts, or white papers on behalf of Abrome

  • Serve as a role model inside and outside of the Abrome learning center

Required qualifications

  • A wholehearted belief in the Emancipated Learning education model

  • Prior experience working or volunteering with young people between the ages of 3 and 18

  • An unqualified belief that every child can improve the human condition

  • A demonstrated love of learning

  • Ability to lead by example; never rely on positional authority

  • Ability to function at a high level in spite of chaos or uncertainty

  • Commitment to personal improvement and professional excellence


  • Coaching or mentoring experience

  • Experience working with diverse groups

  • Experience working with young children


  • Notable leadership experience

  • Formerly alternative schooled, homeschooled, or unschooled

  • Prior experience with alternative education models

  • Professional or skilled: animator, artist, dancer, engineer, martial artist, musician, psychologist, therapist, yogi

  • Multilingual

  • Graduate degree or significant life experiences

Additional Considerations

  • Abrome is committed to assembling a diverse community. People of color, people with disabilities, LGBTQIA individuals, people with working class backgrounds, immigrants, and retirees are strongly encouraged to apply

  • Relevant attributes: confident, curious, empathic, entrepreneurial, happy, humble, optimistic, purposeful

Compensation and benefits

  • Competitive compensation commensurate with experience and skill set

  • Bonuses based on performance and growth of Abrome

  • 25 days of vacation per year (out of ~210 work days per year)

  • 5 paid sick days per year

  • Facilitators that demonstrate uncommon levels of commitment to Learners and the Emancipated Learning education model, as well as significant leadership potential, will be groomed to take on significant responsibility as Abrome grows

Apply Now

To be considered for employment you must (1) attend an information session and open house, and (2) submit the online application below. We will not take seriously candidates who do not provide a well-written cover letter. Do not waste space telling us about any teaching certifications you may have. 

If we are interested in interviewing you we will reach out to you. Our hiring process includes at least three interviews, a reference check, a background check, and a two-week internship. We do not give feedback to candidates we choose to pass on. 

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