Every individual has his or her own unique learning needs, capacities, and interests. When these learning dimensions are ignored or subjugated, learning turns into a chore that must be completed to appease or satisfy others. When Learners have autonomy over what they want to discover and explore, they are able to dive deep into areas of interest or fields of knowledge rather than skimming them at the surface. Learners construct knowledge with resources that are directly available to them, or through resources that they gain access to in the process of exploration and discovery. This process is unique for every Learner as they link various resources, in pursuit of their own purposes, according to their own needs. Like any two distinct individuals, no two Learners or educational pathways are the same; only in retrospect will a learning pathway become fully defined. 

At Abrome we challenge, encourage, and nurture Learners to embrace our non-coercive, emancipated learning model that will allow them to craft their own remarkable lives.

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