Emancipated Learning

At Abrome we challenge, encourage, and nurture Learners to embrace our non-coercive, emancipated learning model that will allow them to craft their own remarkable lives. Our logo provides a visual representation of how the emancipated learning model works.

Well-being: The circle in our logo represents well-being.

At Abrome, the well-being of Learners comes first. We recognize that in order for Learners to engage in deep, meaningful, and enduring learning experiences, they must first be happy and healthy.

Abrome logo shapes2.png

Learning Community: The triangle represents our learning community.

An Abrome Learner's learning community is comprised of intellectually curious Learners, committed facilatators, and a personal network of people of all ages that is standing by ready to lend their support.


Self-Directed Education: The square represents Self-Directed Education. 

Abrome Learners choose for themselves the activities and experiences they engage in. They embrace the responsibilities of learning and life.


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Psychological Safety: The overlap between well-being and the learning community represents psychological safety. 

Abrome is a psychologically safe space where young people feel free to engage in unlimited free play, and take intellectual and personal risks without fear of being assessed, judged, or ridiculed. The ability to remain vulnerable in the pursuit of growth is an extension of our focus on well-being coupled with a learning community that values diversity.


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Learning and Inquiry: The overlap between Self-Directed Education and the learning community represents learning and inquiry. 

At Abrome, self-directed Learners leverage a dynamic and diverse learning community to engage in deep, meaningful, and enduring learning experiences. Self-directed does not mean solitary. Connection with others is valued. Collaboration, debate, and peer learning are outcroppings of a culture that values mentorship and dialectical inquiry.  


Meaningfulness: The overlap between Self-Directed Education and well-being represents meaningfulness.

Given the time and space to focus on their well-being and engage in Self-Directed Education, Abrome Learners come to understand themselves and how they fit into the world. They find significance in creating connections with others and contributing to something beyond themselves. Abrome Learners develop lives that have purpose, value, and impact.    


Emancipated Learning: The interplay between psychological safety, learning and inquiry, and meaningfulness represents Emancipated Learning. 

Every individual has his or her own unique learning needs, capacities, and interests. When these learning dimensions are ignored or subjugated, learning turns into a chore that must be completed to appease or satisfy others. 

Abrome Learners feel comfortable taking risks and diving deep in pursuit of knowledge in their fields of interests, rather than skimming them at the surface. Learners construct knowledge by leveraging resources that are directly available to them, to include their learning community, or by acquiring necessary resources in the process of exploration and discovery. This process is unique for every Learner as they link various resources, in pursuit of their own purposes, according to their own needs. Like any two distinct individuals, no two Learners or educational pathways are the same; only in retrospect will a learning pathway become fully defined. When an individual is able to marry such educational experiences with a life of meaning, the result is a remarkable life lived.