Diversity is a critical and essential component of the Abrome learning experience. Diversity of experiences open up opportunities for leaps in learning and understanding that cannot be provided through lectures or textbooks. Diversity of thought is a catalyst for creativity and innovation. Exposure to diversity amplifies empathy and inspires people to take action to address the ills of society. Diversity is not a buzzword at Abrome, it is a core value.

Abrome seeks to provide an environment for learning and growth, whereby students are introduced to, welcome, embrace, and celebrate differences. For these reasons, diversity is a key and essential consideration in our admissions process. We will make deliberate and informed admissions decisions in order to construct a learning community that is far more representative of broader society than comparative private schools. Further, our sliding scale tuition policy eliminates the categories of "scholarship" and "financial aid," making Abrome accessible to families from a broad range of economic means.

Included in our understanding of diversity are learning differences, race, culture, ethnicity, nationality, age, religion, socioeconomic status, gender, sexual orientation, physical ability, and political beliefs. Further, we are mindful of diversity concerns in our hiring practices, our volunteer staffing, and the people and organizations we do business with.

Abrome is also committed to ensuring that diversity is always protected within our learning community. We expect every member of the Abrome community to embrace diversity. Intolerance of diversity is grounds for the immediate removal of a Learner, Learning Coach, or volunteer from our community.