College and career

One of the strongest ties that bind parents to the traditional model of education, whether it is private or public schooling, is the fear of an uncertain future for their children, particularly with regard to college and career. Despite the considerable harm that traditional schools cause to most children in terms of interest in learning, empathy, motivation, self-confidence, and emotional and social development, many parents prefer the poor but socially acceptable traditional school option over the superior alternative education option that others may question.

This fear extends beyond the parents who put their kids in traditional schools. It also reveals itself through private schools that are progressive in name only, that overly rely on traditional school structures such as domain specific courses, classroom instruction, homework, testing, grades, and age-based segregation. Likewise, many parents who opt to shun traditional schools in favor of homeschooling have simply brought the traditional school structure home, relying on standardized curriculum, drills and workbooks, and a demarcation between learning time and free time.

Instead of worrying about an uncertain future, Abrome Learners create their future by focusing on the present. With the support of the Abrome learning community, Learners engage in deep, meaningful, and enduring learning experiences that are relevant to their needs, goals, and interests, and in doing so, they become far more prepared for college and career than their traditional schooled peers.

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